Educational Quotes

"This story is a splendid film - moving, impeccably made and deeply affecting... told with enormous skill and expertise."
-- Professor Richard Brown, NYU
"A great tool to build understanding and tolerance."
-- Don Sterrett, ECHS high school teacher
"Love is transcendent and this woman's ability to live with love is inspirational."
-- Clea, 16, Santa Monica High School
"So often WWII stories are about suffering or concentration camps, so to have one about a young girl standing against Nazi Germanwith a happy ending gave me a new, refreshing, perspective."
-- Amy, 17, AP History
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Promotional Materials

All organizations that host screenings of "Surviving Hitler: A Love Story" receive community screening kits designed to make their public events as powerful as possible. Screening kits include a DVD, promotional posters and photos, a press kit, discussion materials for educators and facilitators.