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PopMatters --

Evening Herald --
"An Epic Tale of Lova and War"

The Huffington Post --
"A film that will educate and entertain"

Filmmaker Magazine --
"Remarkable story"

Classical Iconoclast --
"Amazing... Extremely well-crafted documentary"

The Telegraph --

San Francisco Chronicle --
"Remarkable look at life"

The Globe and Mail --
"Straight out of a Hollywood Blockbuster"

RealScreen Magazine --
Bloggers' Best
"Impressive... A fresh angle...

Film Monthly --
"Unlike any other"

"A story for the ages"

The Guardian --
TV Highlights (BBC)

The Herald-Sun --
"Truly one for the ages"

Stranger Than Fiction --
"A story that is as incredible as it is captivating"

GQ Magazine --
"Eerily enchanting"

The Mercury News --
"Gripping tale"

Santa Cruz Sentinel --
"...A gold mine"

American Public Media --
RADIO SHOW, 'The Story' with Dick Gordon'

Documentary Film Online --
Best of Full Frame Festival
"The perfect date movie...and I'm not joking"

The Herald-Sun --
Full Frame Ceremony Awards Filmmakers
"More wonderful than anything Hollywood could have written"

The Concord Monitor
"A love story like few others"